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The Sancho Show

No school..No Class!

The Sancho show started in 1984 for one reason only. That reason was to try and get people to stay in school or to get them back into school. We knew that without an education our people would be relegated to a life of slavery jobs and dead end future.  Our goal was bold but so were we as a radio program. We produced a non-traditional program that focused on the positive lights in our community while addressing the growing crisis of drop outs.

We broadcast over the Airwaves of Aztlan for over 16 years filling the airwaves with the best in Chicano sounds from the East Coast to the West Coast and all the ships at sea.  Our mantra over those years was always “No school  ...No class! We were successful at addressing our crisis. And other in the media recognized our efforts by Al Gore. 

After 16 years on the air the show was removed from public radio with no explanation. One day we were on the next day we were prohibited from even going into the station. The only reason that made sense to us and the community was that they did not agree with our message of urging Chicanos and the community to get an education. 

Meet the crew


Dr. Daniel Castro, known to the airwaves as Sancho, is now part of our beloved L.A. radio treasure history. Thru this website, Sancho will continue to entertained and motivated the audience with previously air shows. Remember raza:  

No school, no class!


Riche is to Sancho what tortillas are to frijoles. As Sancho’s resourceful sidekick, Riche works as the co-producer on "The Sancho Show." That means he fields listener calls, engineers Chulies’ show "Ella Fue" and makes a mean bowl of menudo.

Riche – who also known as Richard Barron –is Sancho’s good friend who specializes in Chicano music and he is also the Co- producer on all five of the popular Best of Sancho CDs, and Tacos for Two a collection of Lalo Guerrero’s greatest parodies.

Through Riche’s careful guidance, the show grew substantially, proving what he and Sancho always knew – that Chicano music is an extremely popular art form that will continue to grow. A large part of the show’s success is due to Riche’s business savvy; no decision is made that did get Riche’s OK.

Since their association began twenty years ago, Sancho hit Riche with his pro-education message. After an absence of 20 years, Riche returned to college and will achieve a lifetime dream when he begins attending UCLA and graduated as an honor student. He studied History with emphasis on the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, focusing on the Azteca and Maya. His experience serves as an example that it’s never too late for anybody to go back to school and get their bachelor’s degree. He also completed his Master and now works as a Dean at a local community college.


Chulies brought a Chicana’s perspective to the Airwaves of Aztlan on "Ella Fue," the two-hour mix of music, poetry and book reviews. After six years on the air, Chulies’ listeners had come to expect her sweet voice, signature warmth and selection of romantic music to close out their Saturday evenings.

"Ella Fue" had something for every member of the family, from the classic boleros to moving salsa. Every week Chulies brought a new batch of brainteasers and riddles as a good-natured challenge for her listeners to use their cabezas and call the station with their answers. People from far and wide contribute their own conundrums to be read on the show.

Though she may love to laugh and trade jokes with her engineer Riche, Chulies is a consummate professional. She is an advocate of literacy for all ages and encouraged her listeners to read every day. Her reviews of books for kids and adults always draw listener queries for bookstores that carry her selections.

Today, Chulies is a high school teacher teaching her students to enjoy reading and writing as much as she does. She received her degree in English as well as her teacher’s credential, She is returning to school to attain her Master’s Degree in English... Her hobbies include singing and dancing and she has acted in several local plays. Her goal is to work as a teacher while she studies for an advanced degree. "Dr. Chulies" – we likes the way that sounds.

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